Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Drying out at the beach

I feel like a drowned rat. It rained for about 5 days straight here in Florida. Fourth of July weekend was pretty much a bust. I think the least amount we got one day was 4 inches.  But the sun finally came out today. After work, Maureen and I took a ride to the beach. There is just something about feeling the wind in your hair, and smelling the sea air to take all the stress away.

Luckily, the BP oil spill hasn't hit the beaches here, and it was perfect weather to walk in the water while the sun was setting. It's interesting, all the things going on at the beach, but when a Vespa is riding by in the sand (parking on the causeway is in the sand) everyone stops to watch it go by. Maybe it is the symbol of total beach enjoyment, maybe it was the big guy in a Hawaiian shirt, or maybe (most likely) it was the big smiles on our faces.

Can you spot the scooter in the picture?

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