Thursday, May 6, 2010

May 7th is International Female Ride Day

Calling all female riders! International Female Ride Day is a campaign for women, whose sole purpose is aimed at highlighting and profile the female motorcycle rider. Its mission is that of building and underlining broad-spectrum (and public) awareness of female motorcyclists while simultaneously encouraging other women to take up the activity; demonstrating the ease of the activity.

The event shines a spotlight on women motorcyclists—it’s a synchronized global day for women, of women, everywhere. A day emphasizing the many numbers of females who ride motorcycles--supporting their diversities, agelessness, limitless abilities and the enjoyment embraced for the activity.
View more details about IFRD on (a site which connects women with motorcycling by engaging our readers within the passion they seek in every aspect of their motorcycling lifestyle.)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hone your riding perception skills

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has published an online tool to help you train your mind to look for  and recognize, both road signs and collision traps hazard.

An experienced rider, I tried my hand at each of these. While scoring 100% on the signs test, I performed miserably on the collision traps hazard. The test gives you just a few seconds to look at a scene, and then answer a question. The nice part is that they give some really good feedback when you pick the wrong answer.

I encourage you to take the Rider Perception test. I know I'll be going back again to see if I can improve my score.